I was part of the initial Alexa trial in 2018 where a group of Blind Low Vision NZ clients was given an Alexa. I enjoyed the trial and it made sense to become a volunteer to provide this service to other clients. Off the top of my head, I think I have done 10 visits to clients’ homes so far.

“I enjoy working with Diana Morse, Library Volunteer Coordinator and Collections Librarian who provides me with training. Once Alexa is set up, training someone to use it is very simple. I would love to commit more time to setting up Alexas because I love connecting with our clients. I enjoy training others to ask Alexa for the time, set reminders and alarms, check the weather, play music and listen to books before bed.

“I would like to tell other clients Alexa can be a great friend when there is nothing to do or no one to talk to. There are numerous Skills and Games to keep me entertained for hours. I am currently reading the Harry Potter stories.