Donate to Blind Low Vision Week, and you’ll help young people with vision loss say YES to their hopes and dreams.

Losing your vision at any age can be devastating. For young people, with their whole future ahead of them, it’s especially tough.

Michael was just 29 years old when he learned he was legally blind. His career was thriving, he was studying for his PhD, and he had his whole future ahead of him. Then, with the onset of blindness, he felt like it might all be lost.

Lacking the confidence to seek expert help, Michael said his misplaced pride was actually putting him in danger.

“I was adapting to my environment just by trial and error. And certainly far more by error.” – Michael

When Michael finally reached out to Blind Low Vision NZ for help, he had no idea of just how much support was out there for him, and how he might be helped to live the life he deserved.

“When I opened myself up to the reality of vision loss and asked for help, I learned it wasn’t the apocalypse I had imagined.” – Michael

To rebuild their lives after losing their sight, young people like Michael need expert support, adaptive technology, long cane training – and your help NOW.

Will you give to Blind Low Vision Week, and help young people like Michael with vision loss say YES to an education, a career and a better future? Please donate now.

“I’m only just beginning to truly grasp the ways in which audiobooks, screen readers and adaptive technology from Blind Low Vision NZ will continue to improve my access to and enjoyment of information, supporting my career and my continued engagement with others and the world of ideas.” – Michael

Every two and a half hours, someone in New Zealand develops vision loss, and the number of young people who need your help is growing.

This Blind Low Vision Week, will you make sure every one of them gets the support they need to say YES to their hopes and dreams? Please donate generously.