The latest episode of ‘Perspectives’ is now live. This month, we’re talking about all kinds of new experiences.

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New technology

Chantelle and Mike both got to play with some new (or new to them) technology over the Christmas break- in this section they talk about how they’ve found the different tech. They’re not giving the absolute recommendations, just sharing their experiences.

Tech covered includes:

A blind-accessible cruise

Maria talks about a special accessible holiday experience. She and her family went on a pacific cruise. Here she talks about what it was like, and how the cruise ship staff supported her and her daughter, who also has low vision, to have an enjoyable trip.

Losing your sight

Kuini Peehikuru is a Blind Foundation staff member, but recently she began to lose her vision and is now a client as well. She talks with Mike and Chantelle about what it has been like for her to experience vision loss, the challenges, the changes, and the unexpected positives.

Goal setting

Mike and Chantelle talk about why they don’t make New Year’s resolutions, and their alternative ways of setting goals for themselves- as well as how they go about achieving them.

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