“Without you, it would be so hard…”

A woman wearing noir glasses outdoors with a long white cane.
Thank you for your support, you are making an enormous difference to Robyn’s life.

Robyn lost most of her vision suddenly at the age of 62. But thanks to kind Kiwis like you, she feels she’s had wonderful support through a very difficult time.

Can you imagine feeling that life is hard, that you’re struggling – you’ve lost your independence and your future feels bleak? If so, you may have an idea of how Robyn felt when at 62 she suddenly, while out seeing a home care client for her work, lost her sight while driving.

Everything went white but for the vision in a tiny corner of one eye, with which she could just make out the white line in the centre of the road.

Robyn was devastated. “I was struggling, really struggling,” she said. Then Robyn got a call from Blind Low Vision NZ, after her eye specialist referred her to us. It made all the difference.

“I was offered all this wonderful support,” says Robyn. I had a call from a counsellor and to this day she phones me from time to time and I can contact her whenever I’m feeling a bit low.”

Robyn got help getting the right equipment, such as special noir glasses to reduce glare. She is also learning how to use her white cane so she can regain her sense of independence. In Robyn’s home her specialist has helped with kitchen equipment and modifications so that she can independently cook for herself and read instructions much more easily.

What Robyn wants kind donors to Blind Low Vision NZ to know is that “without you and your donations, it would be so hard”.

She knows that thanks to you, all she has to do is pick up the phone.