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KiddiKutter is designed for children 3 years & older to cut their own food SAFELY. This fabulous knife will cut anything that a sharp knife can but it won’t cut kids fingers due to the rounded serrations of the stainless steel blade. It works by using a sawing action, remember Kiddikutter is not sharp, so it won’t chop.

KiddiKutter knife is a fun & safe way for parents to teach their kids one of the most important life skills – Cooking.

A fun way to improve fine motor skills. You and your children will have safe, stress free fun in the kitchen, no need to worry about nasty cuts.

Use KiddiKutter as an every day piece of cutlery at the table, or your little one can help cut the veges for dinner.

KiddiKutter is useful for both adults & children who are blind or have low vision.

KiddiKutter has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomato through to a tough steak.

How? It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather then relying on sharp teeth or blades.

It is made from quality stainless steel that has a food-grade nonstick coating, and a moulded BPA free easy grip handle. It’s available in five funky colours. Green, Aqua, Hot Pink, Orange and Purple. Buy one of each colour!

KiddiKutter is the safe & fun way to learn how to use a knife at the dinner table and for food preparation.

KiddiKutter knives are 17.5cm long. Available in 5 different colours – Blue, purple, pink, orange and green.