Infila automatic needle threader

Product code: DL0603

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It will take you no time at all to thread a needle with the Infila automatic needle threader, save time and frustration with this easy to use product. The infila works by pushing a small metal plate through the needle eye. There are two ‘funnels’  in which you place the needle.  Simply place the needle eye down in one of the funnels, lay the thread in a gully next to the funnel and slide a button. You should see the thread and the metal plate to the side of the infila, simply grab the thread between thumb and forefinger and pull out to the desired length. The needle is now threaded so pull out the needle, putting your fingers over the eye to prevent the thread coming out. It’s that easy!

Automatically threads standard needles and fine darning needles. Simple slide button operation.

Note: Colour may vary.