Ambutech UltraLite graphite folding canes


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Ambutech UltraLite folding graphite canes offer unique composite construction with aluminum ferrules and fingerguards that protect the elastic cord and ensure a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. These canes are strong, light weight and have greater flexural strength than aluminium canes. They also have a double elastic cord assembly for added user security, a straight handle with a flat-sided grip and white reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe. Available sizes range from 36″ to 66″ in 2″ increments.

Please Note:
Mobility canes are available to Blind Foundation clients only. If you are not currently a Blind Foundation member and would like to purchase a mobility cane, please get in touch with us and find out about our free membership options. With membership, we can provide advice on which sort of cane is most suitable for your needs, and offer a specialised training programme on how to use a cane for safe independent travel. This programme covers all aspects of travel techniques, as well as tips for using the cane. Depending on the assessment outcome, a recommended cane may be supplied for free. Using the wrong cane, or the right cane in the wrong way, can lead to accidents and sometimes postural problems. To request a free assessment, training or advice, phone 0800 24 33 33. Alternatively, symbol and support canes are available for non members. You can find symbol and support canes here