PenFriend labels, pack A (381 labels)

Product code: DL9030A

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Use the PenFriend to label: food items, even freezer food and include ‘use by dates’ and cooking instructions; as you go around the shop, label items as they are placed in your basket, so that you know what they are when you get home; add labels to your film and music collections; place notes on medicine packaging and organise household paperwork.

Additional labels to be used with your PenFriend Voice Labelling System. Pack A contains 381 encoded self-adhesive labels:

273 x 13mm (approx. 1/2″) circles (3 sheets) and
54 x 32mm (approx. 1-1/4″) circles (3 sheets)
54 x 32mm (approx. 1-1/4″) squares (3 sheets)

Please note: due to the unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend. Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, then Packs C, D and E.