WayTag™ Starter Pack

Product code: DL9090


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The Starter Pack includes 60 total WayTag™ products, in an assortment of all of our product styles for your kitchen, closet, bathroom or office. For use with the WayAround app for iPhone.

Remember, only square WayTag products work on metal objects. A round shape won’t work on metal. The Starter Pack includes:

  • 10 WayClips™
  • 5 On-metal WayClips
  • 15 WayTag stickers
  • 5 On-metal WayTag stickers
  • 10 WayTag magnets
  • 5 WayTag 2-hole buttons
  • 10 WayTag oval hole buttons

For more information on the WayAround Tag and Scan app watch the below video or click here.