Stevi and Halo’s story!

20-year-old Stevi was born with a rare eye condition that means she has limited vision indoors and even less outdoors. Living on a busy road, she was unable to leave her house by herself and felt very isolated.

Two years ago Stevi’s life opened up in beautiful ways when a wet-nosed, four-pawed friend named Halo came into it. Halo is a beautiful black German Shepherd Cross and, of course, a Blind Foundation guide dog.

When Stevi was matched with her guide dog Halo, she kept walking into town. Stevi says she often didn’t need anything from town, she made that trip, simply because she finally could.

When she’s wearing her harness, Halo’s years of intensive training come to the fore and she does everything in her power to ensure she lives up to her angelic name and every request of her beloved Stevi.

“I can ask her to find an empty table at a café or an empty checkout at the supermarket. I can say ‘Halo, I want to go to the bank’ and she will get me there. All I have to do is hold Halo’s harness handle and I know I will be safe. It gives you a sense of accomplishment because you can do what others can do. There are no limits.

She has given me a lot of opportunities – for example I now work part-time, and can meet up with my friends on my own and don’t need to rely on someone else to help me get there and back.

In most aspects of my life, Halo has changed it. She has made me way more confident, a much happier person. She has given me the motivation to finish university and go out and meet and help people. This is all thanks to you.”

I hope you feel proud of the incredible impact your support has on the lives of people like Stevi.