Your generosity gave David a new musical pathway

2 February 2023

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On a grey background is a circular image of David, he is smiling, wearing a blue jumper.

David’s story is so beautiful – a story of transformation through braille. Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a teenager, David had always used his heightened sense of touch to navigate the world, especially his passion and talent for music. When David discovered he was able to read musical scores through braille, he rediscovered learning and interpreting music in a way he thought was lost to him and pioneered a unique music curriculum for adults.

David is extraordinarily creative – a violinist, artist and writer. His story is a truly amazing example of what can be achieved with passion, determination and help from kind supporters like you.

David was a teenager when he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition that gradually decreases vision over time. Since becoming completely blind since 2011, he has rediscovered the world thanks to you and Blind Low Vision NZ.

Your generous support enabled David to get help from Blind Low Vision NZ to master braille, which reconnected him with his love of music.

“Blind Low Vision NZ has equipped me with the power of choice, and better tools/skills to continue to do what I enjoy and love doing; but now with greater confidence, independence and with better outcomes.”

David felt a great sense of loss when he was unable to read music himself, so learning literacy braille and braille music has given him great joy.

“Reading braille enables me to function more confidently and effectively at work and home, deliver reports and seminars, with information literally at my fingertips. I’ve even arranged for a group of friends to form our own braille music ensemble.”

David set up a program for adults to learn music and literacy braille so they can sing and play music and read lyrics entirely from braille within a short time. “Soon into the Blind Low Vision NZ braille course, I suddenly realised how kinaesthetic and healing reading braille is for the blind! I was brought into a new place of independence where I was able to immerse myself in a language.”

“Now that I’m on this journey with braille and braille music, I only know now what I was missing out on. The gains are ongoing and life long.”

“Through Blind Low Vision NZ I’ve gained confidence, new friendships and they gave me back my enjoyment of life. I’m so grateful to supporters and everyone who has helped me.”

You’ve helped David pursue his love of music and an extraordinary life – thank you!

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