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Empowering Young Lives: Tane’s Journey with Blind Low Vision NZ

21 September 2023

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A young blind boy walking outside his house with a white cane.

At the heart of every charitable endeavour lies the transformational impact it has on individuals and families. Tane’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and support, as he and his family found a guiding light in Blind Low Vision NZ. Through their incredible journey, Tane’s family discovered a network that goes above and beyond to nurture the potential of visually impaired children, helping them stride confidently towards a brighter future.


A Support System Beyond Expectations

Tane’s journey began when his family reached out to Blind Low Vision NZ, seeking guidance and assistance. He was only 11 months old when his family sought our support through BLENNZ. Tane and his family connected with a team of dedicated case managers, each one a pillar of strength in their pursuit of enhancing Tane’s independence and social skills for his adult life.


Blind Low Vision NZ’s support extended far beyond the mundane. Tane’s case manager worked closely with his family, designing plans that would empower him to adapt to unfamiliar environments and venture out with confidence. As a family, they found themselves not just beneficiaries of financial grants, but part of a compassionate community that understood their struggles and aspirations.


A Network of Care

With our help, Tane’s family witnessed a transformation in their daily lives. Esje and Nicole became more than just visitors; they became mentors, guiding Tane and his family through the ups and downs of life with visual impairment. Gary, from the Wellington office, was an unwavering source of support, reminding them that they were never alone on this journey.


Tane’s progress was immeasurable and constant, making milestones a daily occurrence. His achievements were celebrated not just by his family but by Blind Low Vision NZ’s extended family. The Children’s Christmas party became a symbol of this solidarity, where families came together to create lasting memories and share their stories.


The core goal for Tane’s family was simple yet profound – to nurture his confidence, happiness, and abilities. With our support, Tane grew to embrace life with boundless enthusiasm, and his future held limitless possibilities.


A Village that Nurtures

Tane’s story is a testament to the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. From his adoring sister Maddison to the supportive whanau house they called home, each individual played a crucial role in shaping Tane’s journey. Their collective love and encouragement became the foundation upon which Tane’s remarkable progress was built.


Thriving Through Exploration

Tane’s passion for life radiates through his many pursuits. His cane became more than just a tool; it became a symbol of his growing independence. Navigating through his surroundings with confidence, he discovered the joy of exploration. Tane’s ability to dress himself and enjoy his meals independently mirrored his determination to grasp life’s pleasures.


Beyond practical accomplishments, Tane’s recreation activities also highlighted his vibrant spirit. He relished the thrill of playgrounds, conquering slides, climbing frames, and beams. His affinity for water and swimming further showcased his tenacity, proving that he could excel in any environment. Exploring animal sounds through an iPad and visiting the SPCA brought him closer to the world around him, while imaginative play with his sister and sandpit adventures enriched his creativity.


A Journey of Possibilities

Tane’s journey with Blind Low Vision NZ is a tale of triumph, reminding us that every challenge can be an opportunity in disguise. Through unwavering support, a compassionate network, and Tane’s indomitable spirit, he transformed obstacles into stepping stones towards a fulfilling life. His story stands as a testament to the remarkable impact that your support can have on young lives.


His story inspires us all to embrace life’s challenges, turn them into opportunities, and light up our paths with hope and determination.


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