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You gave Eunice the tools and tech she needs

10 August 2023

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Eunice crosses the road with confidence and independence now that she has been trained to use her white cane.



Eunice began losing her vision five years ago and, whilst she has very good peripheral vision, she has no direct central vision and can no longer read any text. Eunice requires help reading letters and emails, and with activities like banking.

With your support, Eunice uses a ‘Penfriend’ which is an electronic device that reads food labels out for her. Further adaptions include ‘Bumps’ which have been added to her dishwasher, stove, and phone so she can identify which buttons she needs to use for each appliance.

And our Tech Team helped her set up shortcuts in order to navigate her computer when she was unable to use the mouse and see the screen any longer.

“ I received so much valuable and amazing help. Blind Low Vision NZ have assisted me in so many ways for me to lead and full and interesting life at 85.”

Thank you for all you do for people like Eunice. If you’d like to help provide further support to blind, deafblind and low vision New Zealanders, you can make a donation here.


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