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Your generosity gives Gino a bright future

23 August 2023

Guide Dogs

Gino is a yellow Labrador puppy running through a field on a sunny day.



There’s lots of news to share on Gino’s latest adventures

Gino has settled in so beautifully with his puppy raiser family, and he loves to learn and train. This gorgeous pup is playful and cheerful every morning, making him a delight to have around, but he is also quickly learning there is a time for play, and a time for ‘work’.


There are lots of different ways for Gino to learn. While the kids are getting ready for school, he busies himself with his Kong (his favourite toy) and has his breakfast. Then after the children are at school, Gino has to practice ‘being in the workplace’.


When Gino is a qualified guide dog, being in a workplace environment could be an important part of his role to help his handler. In Gino’s family, two people work from home, so he has plenty of time to learn proper office etiquette, such as being quiet and laying still.


In the afternoon, Gino joins in picking up the kids from school, which means another type of training session – staying calm and focused with lots of noise and little people around. While mastering his guide dog skills is his top priority, Gino also loves spending his afternoons off playing with the family’s pet dogs (and his new friends) Bear and Ruby.


Your kindness ensures Gino has all the support he needs – thank you!


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