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Your generosity gives Gino a bright future

10 November 2023

Guide Dogs

Gino is a yellow Labrador puppy wearing his black guide dog training harness

There’s lots of news to share on Gino’s latest adventures

Great news from Gino, your Pupstar! After a big move to windy Wellington, Gino has adapted beautifully and settled right into a new routine. He is out and about with his puppy raiser every day, learning about his new city and taking on all sorts of challenges with ease. Your kindness is giving Gino all the important skills he needs to succeed!

Gino had a wonderful time staying with a boarder’s house recently. They fell in love with him and he was so well-behaved on holiday. He really is making you proud!

Gino just had his first trip to the beach, once he was fully vaccinated – he was so excited! He also goes along to other meet ups often with dogs of similar ages and their puppy raisers for a training walk, coffee at a local café and a fun free run!

When he’s not in training, Gino loves to relax with pet dogs Bear and Ruby, play with his favourite toy, Orla the Orangutan and catch up some sleep – a very important pastime for a growing puppy! Thank you for your ongoing support, helping Gino learn to be the very best he can be at every stage of his guide dog in training journey.


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