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Lionel’s kind gift means everything to our world-class training centre

20 February 2024

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A person stands on the deck of a sailing boat, holding onto a rope, with the ocean and a clear sky in the background. The boat has a wooden deck with various riggings, and the image has the appearance of an old photograph with wear marks around the edges.

An unexpected, life-changing gift.

Lionel made a decision in his life that is keeping his memory alive after he passed. He left a gift in his Will to help our Blind Low Vision NZ Mobility Centre become world standard, and as a result, train more guide dogs, more efficiently.

Our Mobility Training Centre is one of only two in the world to offer specialised training for guide dogs and their handlers in one place, with a series of realistic, everyday lifestyle and transport spaces.

Including such features as a simulated train carriage and commercial airline plane cabin, guide dogs in training learn to navigate all kinds of spaces. We are grateful to Lionel for this incredible final gift towards a future where every blind, deafblind or low vision person in need can receive a guide dog if desired.

We hope Lionel would be proud of how his kindness will enrich the lives of so many people for years to come.


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