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Melody is about to get a paw-fect match

20 February 2024

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A person wearing a yellow top is leaning on a kitchen counter, smiling for the camera. The kitchen is well-lit and features various items and appliances such as jars, a kettle, and cabinets.

Melody now has the confidence to bring a guide dog into her life.

Young mum Melody, who lost her vision suddenly at age 27, captured the hearts of generous supporters like you in our Blind Low Vision Month mailing last year.

Like many New Zealanders living with vision loss, Melody was so grateful to have Blind Low Vision NZ help her adapt to her vision loss, learn how to care for her family and live an active life. She’s now waiting to be matched with her very own guide dog. From white cane training and a new job, to surfing and running, Melody can barely believe her independent new lifestyle.

“Blind Low Vision NZ has completely changed my life, and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me get here.”


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