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Enabling Lives: Your Donation Can Transform Lives Like Melody’s

3 October 2023

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A close up of Melody, a lady who is blind at home.


In the face of adversity, there exists an extraordinary power – the power of community, compassion, and change. Today, we want to share a remarkable story with you, a story that underscores the incredible impact your support can make on someone’s life. Meet Melody, a woman whose journey through darkness was transformed into a beacon of hope, all because of your generosity and kindness.

Melody’s world plunged into darkness when she lost her vision at the young age of 27. A sudden haemorrhage in her left eye irreversibly damaged her optic nerve, leaving her in complete darkness. The doctors couldn’t restore her sight, and Melody woke up to a life she could no longer recognize. As she grappled with this devastating reality, she received another piece of life-altering news – she was pregnant with her first child.

Imagine the overwhelming fear and disorientation Melody must have felt. Simple, everyday tasks that were once effortless now seemed insurmountable challenges. But amid this darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged – your support.

People like Melody, who are navigating the daunting journey of vision loss, urgently need your help. Your donations can provide the specialized training and tools necessary for them to face every new challenge with confidence and independence. Your contributions empower organisations like Blind Low Vision NZ to step in and make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals like Melody.

Melody reached out to Blind Low Vision NZ for help, and that decision changed her life forever. Your donations enabled a team of specialists to provide Melody with tailored services that helped her adapt to life without vision. From orientation and mobility training to emotional support, your kindness opened doors for her that she thought were forever closed.

Your donations can:

– Provide orientation and mobility training for individuals like Melody, helping them navigate the world confidently.

– Offer life skills training that fosters safety and independence.

– Support education, employment, and community integration for people with vision loss, helping them become active contributors to society.

Through your generosity, Melody received emotional support to regain a positive outlook and training to develop essential daily living skills. She learned strategies to organize her home and navigate her surroundings using touch and sound. With the help of a white cane, Melody bravely stepped into a new world, even regaining the ability to do something as ordinary yet precious as the school run. Adaptive technology and training opened avenues for her, including a fulfilling role working with people with intellectual disabilities.

Melody’s story is a testament to the transformative power of your donations. However, there are thousands more New Zealanders facing similar challenges – individuals who urgently need your support.

Will you extend your hand once more and help more Kiwis like Melody? Your generous donation can provide tools and support, empowering them to face every new challenge with resilience and hope.

Your kindness has the potential to turn dreams into reality, helping countless people live lives they never imagined possible. Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.


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