Mike’s learning more every day with the EasyReader app at his fingertips

25 August 2022

Client Stories

Older man sat on a living room couch, smiling for the camera with his mobile phone in one hand.

Vision loss changed everything for Mike, but with the help of people like you, and Blind Low Vision NZ, Mike’s gained new confidence through his love of learning and connection.

After starting with Braille, Mike moved on to CDs – then discovered he could access a huge library of audiobooks through the Blind Low Vision NZ Library Service. An avid audiobook listener, he appreciated having access to such a huge source of knowledge.

Mike says he is constantly learning, while exercising, vacuuming – whatever he’s doing throughout the day. He also takes advantage of new technology, like using the EasyReader app on his mobile phone. The EasyReader app gives direct access to a collection of over 35,000 audiobooks.

Mike’s achievements are all because of you and your big-hearted commitment to helping people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision. Thank you!


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