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16 February 2024

Guide Dogs

A black Labrador dog peeking out from under a bench, with a beach and ocean in the background. Illustrations of a tube of sunscreen and a rolled-up towel are digitally superimposed on the left side of the image.

Meet little Paddy – isn’t he absolutely paw-dorable? This eight-week-old puppy is from a BIG family – he has seven brothers and sisters! Paddy recently left his mum, Nell and journeyed into the outside world to meet his new puppy raiser family, who all adore him. Right now, he has the luxury of being carried everywhere, as he has just been vaccinated. No one minds though… more time for cuddles! Thank you for helping every puppy in training. We are so grateful for your sup-pawt!

Wow – Corbin has been a busy young pup! Everywhere he goes, everyone admires him in his special ‘working’ coat. There’s been lots of challenging travel for Corbin. He even rode on a ferry to Matiu/Somes Island for a picnic, and had a special check for clearance to go on the island! Corbin enjoyed a live theatre performance of ‘Treasure Island’ and coped beautifully with lots of loud music, singing and sudden ‘bangs’ – what a clever boy. Your support helps Corbin prepare to change someone’s life one day. Thank you!

Wow look at Kimba – she’s eight months old now! She’s eager to learn new cues and skills, thanks to you. Her little legs are getting longer, and she’s been calm and confident while navigating the challenges of buses and ferries, and keeping cool at the supermarket or beach, and curiously watching gym classes. Kimba showed her very best behaviour while getting to know new people at a boarder’s home over Christmas and lots of fun adventures. Well done Kimba!

In December, Whina began formal training, how exciting – and your incredible support gave Whina this opportunity! For five weeks, she worked on the foundations of Guide Dog training, including stopping at kerbs, walking in a straight line and understanding working in harness. There was also plenty of down time playing with her friends, swimming and splashing in the paddling pool! Life in harness was not right for Whina, however, so she will live with a family who will adore her. Lots of love to beautiful Whina!


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