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19 May 2023

Guide Dogs

Ivan the poodle lying on the grass outside his home.

Hello from Corbin, Ivan, Whina and Marley

Remember little Corbin? Hasn’t he grown!  He is now six months old and weights over 27kg. You’ll be so proud of him – his puppy raiser family has taken him to so many places, and Corbin has been beautifully behaved everywhere. He has been on the local ferry and visited a museum. Corbin sat quietly while the family had a meal in a restaurant and enjoyed showing off his black coat. A big thank you to you for helping Corbin with his training!

Ivan has done so well with his training program, now he is ready for more. Ivan spent a relaxed couple of last weeks with his puppy raiser family, with lots of playing on the beach, before leaving home. He has moved in with his new kennel buddies and is spending more time with his trainer. This is a really exciting time for Ivan who loves to learn. Thanks to your continued support, he is on his way to becoming a fully trained guide dog!

Whina has been such a busy puppy! She has been on walks with three different dogs – Archie, a working guide dog (she was very impressed with him!), Wakelin her much-loved brother and Rosie, her neighbour’s pet Labrador. Whina has walked at the beach, on training tracks and around town, and everywhere she goes she is very calm, happy and well-behaved. Thank you for being such an important part of Whina’s training journey!

It’s time for Marley to wag goodbye – he is moving to a brand new career that will be just right for him. Marley has a beautiful personality, but he was not happy with all the different roles he needed to play as a guide dog. Thank you for helping Marley work hard to be the best he could be – we know he will be so loved in his new home!

Your support is so important to our puppies! Thank you!



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