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There’s a new star in town – your Pupstar, Gino!

18 May 2023

Guide Dogs

Introducing Gino

It’s time to announce your new Pupstar! Gino is a beautiful yellow Labrador puppy who has quickly settled in with his family, complete with human friends big and small, dogs and cats.

Gino’s family has just completed helping train guide dog puppy, Sawyer, so it has been wonderful for them to start at the very beginning again with Gino. He is learning fast and quickly showing that he is calm, clever and eager to explore the world. Your kindness means Gino has all the support and training he needs to become a fully qualified guide dog one day.

First up has been toilet training and learning the rules in his new home. Gino has excelled already – you’ll be so proud of him. He has learned that dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, and sleeps very happily around noise and potential distractions. His puppy raiser family clean the house around him and his crate, and he just keeps snoozing!

No matter where Gino goes now, he is learning important skills – whether going to the school sports carnival, sleeping in his crate or riding in the car. Thank you for everything you do to help Gino become the best he can be!


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