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“I am proud of who I am with Holly by my side”

19 May 2023

Guide Dogs

Robyn stands with her guide dog, a shiny black Labrador named Holly.

“Now I have Holly, I have new confidence!”

Robyn first sought assistance from Blind Low Vision NZ in 2018, when her glaucoma began to have a serious impact on her life. She had to stop working as a science teacher, and knew she needed advice and support.

As a long-time supporter of Blind Low Vision NZ herself, she knew there were many services, social and leisure activities and training opportunities – all the wonderful things you help provide for people like Robyn through your generosity.

At first, Robyn received training with magnification aids and using a short and long white cane. A keen walker who is proud of her independence, she loved attending our blind low vision walking group, but realised that to keep up her walking in a safe way, she needed to apply for a guide dog.

“Relationships with other people are different now – people are more friendly than when I was using a white cane. I am so independent, because as well as finding routes, Holly can find doors, stairs, seats and people. I am so grateful to have my beautiful guide dog Holly in my life – thank you!”


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