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Ruth is a Visionary who’s leaving a lasting gift.

29 August 2023

Ruth with her guide dog Yola outside in a garden.

When Ruth’s father started losing his vision through macular degeneration, Blind Low Vision NZ supporters helped provide him with a watch that read the time out to him and a white cane. Not only did Ruth’s father get the support he needed, but Ruth’s mother also relied on Blind Low Vision NZ services while she cared for her husband on their journey together.

“Blind Low Vision NZ provides positive support to people with visual impairment or loss of vision, from birth right through to their later years. This is a charity that has really struck a chord in my heart.”
“Leaving a monetary gift in my Will ensures more people will be helped in a truly meaningful way.”

Ruth’s husband Mike also wants to make a difference in the future and has left a gift in his Will as well.

Thank you for joining Ruth as a Visionary supporter of Blind Low Vision NZ. Your future gift will have a profound positive impact on the lives of a new generation living with vision loss.

To find out about the potential impact of your gift in Will, please contact 0800 366 283 or send an email to legacies@blindlowvision.org.nz.


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