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Sonya can go anywhere, anytime – thanks to you!

23 February 2023

Guide Dogs

Sonya’s walk into freedom with Vesna by her side.

Before she was matched with guide dog Vesna, Sonya was feeling very isolated. She had to rely on her daughter to get around, and had a nasty fall due to her low vision. Her connection with Blind Low Vision NZ changed everything.

From the very first phone call, Sonya felt incredible support and comfort. She was able to access everything she needed – vital services and advice made possible by your compassion support.

Sonya says losing her eyesight has been – and still is – an emotional rollercoaster. “I’ve connected with some wonderful people who have made such a difference. Mobility training, new technology, in-home advice, and now my very own beautiful guide dog, Vesna. Blind Low Vision NZ has been beside me every step of the way.”

Guide dog Vesna has had an amazing impact on Sonya’s life. After finding cane use difficult due to a wrist injury, Sonya knew if she wanted to maintain her freedom and independence, she needed to apply for a guide dog. Vesna has given Sonya back her freedom, and so much joy. “We go everywhere together, even to my daughter’s gymnastics meets, where Vesna calmly falls asleep!

“My daughter has the same condition as me. One day she will lose her eyesight and also need Blind Low Vision NZ. That’s why your support is doubly important to me. Thank you so much to every donor who cares about people who are blind, deafblind and have low vision!”


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