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Steve is so grateful to you for his life-changing guide dog Archie

23 August 2023

Guide Dogs

Steve with his guide dog Archie beside him. They're outside at the park, facing the camera.



“Nothing compares to having a guide dog, and I am so grateful to have Archie!”

Thanks to your support Steve and his life-changing guide dog Archie are a perfect pair.

Steve can’t imagine his life without a guide dog. Thanks to the support of people just like you, Steve has had three guide dogs, Casper, Hadley and now Archie.

“For a seriously visually impaired person, a guide dog is like having a car. Putting the harness on is like turning the key. A dog gives you mobility, and you can go almost anywhere.

“My guide dogs have been taking me to work for many years, and even travel with me on plane trips.”

When Steve is waiting for a new guide dog to be matched with him, he has had to use his white cane and says he finds this stage difficult.

“The transition period can be tough. The difference between having a dog and not having a dog is as big as the ocean.”

Archie is also a reality celebrity! He recently made his TV debut as a star on Dog Squad: Puppy School on TVNZ. Click here for the TVNZ website link to Archie’s episode.

Steve says Archie loved all the attention, but luckily, fame hasn’t gone to his head. Archie still takes his job as a guide dog very seriously, and always makes sure that Steve is safe and comfortable.

Thank you for training incredible guide dogs just like Archie. Steve is so grateful for your help!

P.S. Catch Archie in action in Season 4 Episode 5 of Dog Squad Puppy School.


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