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Your sup-pawt is helping train guide dogs of the future!

23 August 2023

Guide Dogs

Whina the yellow labrador guide dog, sitting for the camera.



You help puppies like Corbin, Ivan, Whina and Kimba learn im-paw-tant skills

What exciting times Corbin is having with his puppy raiser family! His family absolutely adore his loving and playful nature, beautiful soft coat and gentle personality. No matter where Corbin goes, he makes a good impression, and he was very welcome at a recent kindergarten presentation, where he taught the children all about his training, and his very important job. We’re so proud of Corbin, and we are sure you are too. Thank you for giving Corbin the help he needs to learn how to be the very best guide dog!


We have good news from Whina! An active, enthusiastic and very social dog, Whina loves taking big walks, spending time with her puppy raiser family and socialising with her best friend, Rosie and her favourite brother, Wakelin, who she sees every week at Kennel Training. Whina has also learned to be quiet and calm in the office so she can help her puppy raiser family get work done. All of these activities are crucial for her to learn important behaviour skills and stay healthy and happy. Thank you for making this possible.


Kimba is the new puppy on the block! With an experienced and dedicated puppy raiser family to help her learn im-paw-tant skills, Kimba is a very lucky puppy! There is so much to learn right now, like basic commands, how to walk on the lead, as well as getting to know her new family. Kimba loves to snuggle up with her brand new toys and her rug on a cold winter night, and she is very loving and fun. There is lots of training ahead for Kimba, and she is lucky to have you by her side. Thank you!


While Ivan tried his best, his personality was not exactly suited for the role of guide dog. Ivan was becoming very anxious when he was put under pressure. We need every working dog like Ivan to keep his handler safe, and enjoy his career, so the expert team at Guide Dogs have decided he would be happiest in another very important job; as an affectionate and fun-loving pet. Your support was so important to Ivan. Thank you!


Thank you for helping train our puppies!


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