You’ve changed Tallulah’s world by helping her to discover new ones.

5 July 2021

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Two children are sitting near the edge of a cliff

In May you heard all about an enchanting little seven year old girl who, though living with limited sight, refused to be limited. With your help and support for Blind Low Vision NZ, Tallulah has been able to learn, grow and expand her imagination with a library of Talking Books. Tallulah’s favourite is Thelma the Unicorn – an uplifting story about finding the joy in who you truly are. Something your support helps Tallulah to achieve every day.

Tallulah and her mum, Jess, are so grateful for your kind words and generous responses to their story. Your gifts mean so much, not just to them, but to everybody who accesses Blind Low Vision NZ’s library and other services each day. Only with your help can new Talking Books keep being made, expanding the library and helping every Zealander with vision loss immerse themselves into the magic of storytelling. Thank you.


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