Street Collection FAQs

Is the next street appeal going ahead?

Yes, street collection is going ahead although it will be on a smaller scale than previous appeals.

Blind Low Vision NZ has conducted a risk assessment to ensure all activity is carried out safely and compliantly and is in line with Government and Ministry of Health Guidelines for all Traffic Light settings, and have put measures to keep the public and volunteers safe at this time.

One of these measures is the adoption and implementation of the Vaccination Policy requiring all staff and volunteers to be fully vaccinated.

What steps are we taking for contactless donations?

We are displaying QR Codes on our “scan to donate” flyers. Some collection sites may also have Paywave EFTPOS machines available.

When is the next street collection?

The Guide Dog Puppy Appeal Street Collection is on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March 2022

What does a collector do?

As a volunteer collector, you’ll help us collect donations to support Kiwis who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision – thank you! You’ll be provided with a bib and a bucket, and assigned a time and location by your local coordinator. All you need to do is donate a couple of hours of your time, smile, be friendly and have fun!

How long do I collect for?

Most people sign up to collect for two-hour shifts. If you would like to do less or more, please let us know when you register.

Can I choose my exact collection time and location?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your preferred time and location will be available, but your volunteer coordinator will try their best to make it work. Please write your preferred location in the notes of the form. Our coordinators are volunteers like yourself and they will try to suit everyone’s preferences.

When will I know my time and location?

Your coordinator will contact you at least one week before the collection to give you your exact time and location.

Do I have to wear the bib and carry the bucket?

Yes, every volunteer street collector has to wear their bib and carry their bucket so people know where their donation is going, and know that you’re an official collector.

Can I bring my dog?

Not all collection sites allow pets, so please let your coordinator know that you would like to bring your dog and they can inform you as to whether or not this will be allowed. Your dog must be comfortable being approached by strangers and children, and you must ensure you bring water, treats, toys and a blanket for them during your collection shift

What does coordinating a street collection involve?

Coordinating is a big volunteer job, perfect for someone who is highly organised, friendly, and approachable. Coordinators are responsible for contacting all assigned collectors, rostering them into the various provided sites, banking all the donations, and making sure everything runs smoothly in their area. There are over 150 volunteer coordinators looking after their local area around the country.

Can I become a coordinator?

We could not run this collection without the incredible support of our volunteer coordinators – in fact, some have been organising our street collections for many years. If you think you would be good for the job, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the Community & Events team at or 0800 120 254.

What is a support coordinator?

Some coordinators may need someone to help them out with their coordinating tasks. This could involve contacting collectors, rostering, or helping out on the day. Your involvement would be dependent on the coordinator in the area and what they need. If you are interested, please contact the Community & Events team at or 0800 120 254.

What is involved in volunteering?

  • You will be assigned to a coordinator to help guide you through the process.
  • The minimum collection time is 2 hours.
  • Click on the following link to open up our Health & Safety documents.

How much did we raise last collection?

Over $270,000 has been counted from Red Puppy Appeal street collection. This is an amazing result – Thank you!

You can see the total for each region by clicking the following link “2021 Red Puppy Appeal Regional Totals”