Blind Foundation Supplier Terms of Trade

The RNZFB are implementing a new Financial System that will provide a more effective automated supplier payment system. This should provide efficiencies where supplier invoices meet the standards required by the system.

Summary of procedures.

  • Once your company is on the approved supplier list:
  • The purchase order is initiated internally by RNZFB personnel, and follows an authorization procedure before being issued to you the supplier.
  • The purchase order is e-mailed to the recorded address.
  • You supply the goods or services requested on the purchase order.
  • You provide a valid Tax invoice with the purchase order as reference.
  • This (ideally) electronic invoice is received and automatically matched to the appropriate purchase order.
  • The goods and services are then acknowledged as received by the department receiving the goods or services. (or proof of delivery is included with the invoice)
  • The payment is included in the appropriately scheduled payment run.
  • Our standard payment terms are the 20th of the month following date if invoice.
  • Remittance advices are e-mailed to the e-mail address we have on file.

To gain the benefits of this, The Blind Foundation respectfully requests that your organisation adheres to the policies and standards laid out for the mutual benefit of everyone concerned.

Note: The Blind Foundation staff may only open accounts with suppliers once an internal form has been completed and been approved by Finance and the terms agreed. Without this agreement, no accounts may be opened on behalf of the foundation, nor will any payments be made. Finance will set up the account for approved suppliers in the system and provide confirmation that this has taken place.

1. Purchase Orders

From 1st July 2019, no goods or service is to be provided without an authorised purchase order being supplied prior to commencement of work or provision of goods.

No work or supply of product should be undertaken without a valid purchase order number supplied by RNZFB reflected on your invoice, as this will be deemed to have been unauthorised.

Purchase orders are revoked after 3 months of issue date as the supply of goods or service would have been deemed not to have taken place.

Purchase orders will be emailed to your email address on file. Kindly ensure we are notified of any change in e-mail address.

2. Payment Procedure

RNZFB is implementing an invoice document recognition system and this requires that accepted invoicing standards are adhered to in order to facilitate the auto-matching of the invoice to the appropriate purchase order.

2.1 Invoices must be a VALID TAX INVOICE if you are charging GST.

They should contain: “Invoice” or “Tax Invoice”; Invoice number; Invoice Date; Purchase Order number; details of service or item; price, extended price, Invoice total stating including or excluding GST, GST amount.

2.2 Invoices must be for the goods and services provided in accordance with the purchase order.

2.3 The purchase order number must be clearly marked in a designated area. (No valid purchase order number = no payment)

2.4 Do not send composite Invoice / Statement. (i.e Statements should be sent separately from any invoice)

2.5 Please use the following E-mailing addresses.

a) – for all invoices except those for Guide Dog Services

b) – for all invoices relating to Guide Dog Services

These e-mail addresses will be used by the system to accept electronic invoices. They are not monitored by staff and any instructions included in the e-mail will not be read.

c) – for all account statements

d) – for centralized account queries that are not able to be addressed by the person initiating the order.

2.6 Prompt delivery of invoices by e-mail will help to ensure payments are made on time.

2.7 Invoices older than 3 months will not be accepted as the purchase order will have been revoked.