How To Series: Audiobooks and Reading

Being visually impaired should not be an obstacle to set foot in the world of books. Books gives readers the opportunity to gain knowledge, self-confidence and independence. With the use of Blind Low Vision’s library you’ll be able to have access to 36,000 books.

How to:

  •  Simply ask Alexa “Open Blind Low Vision”. Alexa will then guide you through the main menu.
  • Alexa will then give a rundown of its services. Audiobooks and reading materials are situated in the library. So to access the library say “Alexa, 4”.
  • Alexa will then go through the different types of reading materials. Like newspapers, audiobooks and articles and ask what type of material you’d like to read.
  • Then you’d say “Audiobooks” now you’ll have access to 36,000 audiobooks.


If you say “surprise me” Alexa will randomly assign you a book!

To learn more about Alexa and if you need technological assistance call 0800 24 33 33 or email