As you are aware, on behalf of the RNZFB Board, the Constitutional Review Committee has completed a full review of the RNZFB Constitution.  The committee’s work has been published throughout the process on the Telephone Information Service, the RNZFB website, on email, in Outlook Magazine and other media.

The draft of the new Constitution will be put to members to vote on through a postal ballot throughout October finishing with a Special Meeting of Members to be held in Hamilton at 10am on Saturday 11 November 2017.

Rule 5.8 of our constitution indicates that those who either receive services from the Foundation themselves or are the Guardians of persons receiving such services and who, in either case, might reasonably be supposed to be or to include persons eligible to become Governing Members of the Foundation should be notified of Major Proposals so that they can become Governing Members if they wish.

If you are not a Governing Member and wish to vote on the new constitution you must let the Board Secretary, Jane Moore, know no later than 5pm Friday 22 September 2017.  Jane can be contacted on 09 355 6894 or on email