This month we get to know Ellen Boucher, Digital Communications Advisor.

Ellen looks after the Blind Foundation’s digital presence. She looks after the Blind Foundation website, the Comms team’s Pegasus pages, and Blind Foundation social media. Ellen also looks after digital comms for the newly-formed Access Alliance.

A typical day for Ellen includes some edits and additions to things like events and job listings on the website, checking how our website and social media are doing in terms of how many people are looking at things, meeting with managers and anyone who’s a subject-matter expert to talk about their content, and being on hand for anything that needs doing, like fixing broken links or little mistakes in content. Ellen is always hunting for new stories to share on social media- so if you have a good story from your area, or if you’ve found something cool related to blindness or disabled people, she would love to hear about it!

Since starting at the Blind Foundation in January a particular work highlight for Ellen has been reading the Blind Foundation news for the Telephone Information Service. Ellen says recording the news is a lot of fun, and of course her Mum has phoned in to listen and is very proud.

Ellen’s favourite thing about working at the Blind Foundation is the people, “I really like my team and that makes a huge difference day to day. In terms of my job, I absolutely love that I’m working for an organisation that values accessibility and Plain English.”

Ellen is very into Live Action Role Play (LARP) and participates in it in her spare time. The best way to explain it is dressing up and playing pretend for adults. You play a character, costumed accordingly, and tell a story by roleplaying with other people. It’s improvisation, but the only audience is other people in the game. The usual perception is that it’s all high fantasy ‘Lord of the Rings’ type stuff, but the genres vary widely. Ellen has played everything from an android to Jane Austen, to a five-year-old at a birthday party. This weekend, Ellen is playing in a game set in the world of the Three Musketeers, where she is playing a crime-solving Nun!