Board of Directors

Blind Low Vision NZ Board of Directors focuses on governance and strategic issues such as our purpose and direction. The Board may have up to eleven directors. Our voting members elect nine of them and the remaining two directors may be co-opted to the Board for their specific skills or experience. Directors serve for a term of three years.

RNZFB Board Director, Clive Lansink smiles at the camera

Clive Lansink


Clive was first elected to the Board in November 2016 although he also served on it from 1991 to 1995.

Blind since birth, Clive has spent much of his personal life working on behalf of blind and low vision people and was President of Blind Citizens New Zealand for a total of thirteen years. He has an engineering degree as well as a law degree (Hons). Much of his career has been spent in the computer industry, and in the blind community he is particularly known for his development of the Foundation’s Telephone Information Service. He is now semi-retired running his own business from home, doing consulting and projects in areas of technology and making information accessible to blind and low vision people.

RNZFB Board member Judy Small smiles at the camera

Judy Small

Deputy Chair

Judy has been a client of Blind Low Vision NZ since she was four years old. Judy graduated in 1999 with a Master of Social Science (Hons). While studying Judy served on the Blind Citizens New Zealand National Executive.  She worked as a Policy Analyst for 11½ years in social policy in the Office for Disability Issues.  She has worked for nine years at Hamilton City Council, as Disability Advisor. All her roles have focused on policy and strategy development and leading community-based projects.

Board Committees:

Client Services Committee, Governance Committee, Health and Safety Board representative, Blind Sector Forum Aotearoa New Zealand Board representative.

Anne-Marie Taggart

Board Member

Anne Marie joined the Board in May 2022 to fill a casual vacancy. Anne Marie is an experienced senior leader within the NZ public sector. She began her career as an HR professional but in recent years has branched out and has led both corporate and operational functions. Recently Anne Marie has joined Te Kawa Mataaho (Public Service Commission) as the Executive Coach in the Leadership Development Centre. In this role she works closely with senior public sector leaders to support their professional development journeys.

She was the Deputy Chair of the NZ Government Women’s Network from 2017 -2020, and holds a Business Degree from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Victoria University in Wellington. She also holds an internationally recognised coaching qualification.
Anne Marie is a Board member of KiwiClass, an organisation that delivers educational services to migrants, she also holds a position on their People Committee.

Board Committees:

Audit and Risk Committee, People Committee, Health and Safety Board representative.

RNZFB Board Director, John Billings smiles at the camera

John Billings

Board Member

John has been practicing his profession as a Dispensing Optician since 1984. He has always had a strong interest in providing Low Vision Aids and services to the partially sighted in order to help them continue with as good a quality of life as possible. To this end he is involved in puppy raising for Guide Dog Services. As well as the Low Vision community, he also has experience with the Deaf community.

Board Committees:

People Committee, Client Services Committee, Pearson Fund.

RNZFB Board member, Chris Orr smiles at the camera

Chris Orr

Board Member

Chris is the newest Board Member elected in November 2023. He lost his sight in 1974 as the result of a traumatic injury. Now retired, Chris has dedicated over 46 years to Blind Low Vision NZ, holding diverse roles such as Braille Teacher, Fundraising Manager, Community Education and Awareness Manager, and Access and Awareness Advisor. His wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of Blind Low Vision NZ services make him a valuable addition to the board.

Beyond his contributions to Blind Low Vision NZ, Chris actively serves on the Auckland Council’s Disability Advisory Panel and Universal Design Forum. In these roles, he continues to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility, bringing his expertise to the broader community.

Board Committees:

Audit and Risk Committee, Client Services Committee, Pearson Fund.

RNZFB Board Director, Donna McCaskill smiles at the camera

Donna McCaskill

Board Member

Donna was elected to the Board in November 2020. She worked for almost 20 years with Blind Low Vision NZ before standing for the Board. She currently works within the disability sector for a pan-disability social enterprise as a direct line manager and advocate for a team of people with sensory, physical, cognitive and intellectual disabilities. She has studied psychology, sociology, human service, social science and physical sport/recreation – my personal belief, that physical activity is a great support tool for people with disabilities. She is a founding member of the blind youth support network, SEYFF and also chaired Blind Sport New Zealand.

Board Committees:

Governance Committee, Client Services Committee.

RNZFB Board Director, Richard Patete smiles at the camera

Richard Patete

Board Member

Richard joined the RNZFB Board in November 2021 but has been involved with Blind Low Vision NZ for over 20 years as his eldest daughter, Renee, was born blind. Raising Renee has given him a strong understanding of the needs and challenges of the blind and low vision community. He is married to Letitia and has another lovely daughter, Zara.

He brings with him an extensive range of experience working in the not-for-profit sector as well as a wide range of skills essential for an effective Board from strategic leadership and financial and commercial expertise to change and risk management. He is a Chartered Accountant and his ‘day job’ is as General Manager at Site Safe NZ Inc. a not-for-profit member-based organisation. He is a member of the Site Safe NZ’s Audit and Risk Committee and ICT Committee so he fully understands the challenges and the oversight required of a Board.

Board Committees:

Audit and Risk Committee, People Committee, Health and Safety Board representative.

RNZFB Board Director, Ron Scott smiles at the camera

Ronald (Ron) Scott

Board Member

Ron lives in Tauranga where he is an elected member of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Chairs the SILC Charitable Trust. He has degrees in Economics, History and Geography and founded Stellaris Ltd which specialises in strategy and governance training for boards and senior executives.


Board Committees:

Audit and Risk Committee, Governance Committee.

RNZFB Board Director, Martine Abel-Williamson smiles at the camera

Martine Abel-Williamson

Board Director

Martine emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in 1996 and has been living in New Zealand since then. Her qualifications are in the areas of vision rehabilitation, education and social policy and previously worked at Blind Low Vision NZ in the fields of blindness awareness training and service co-ordination. Martine is also the President of the World Blind Union.

Board Committees:

People Committee, Client Services Committee, BLENNZ representative.

Blind Low Vision Chief executive, Andrea Midgen standing outdoors, smiling for the camera. Andrea has light brown hair and is wearing a blue and green dress.

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