Bikkie Day at school

If you’re organising a Bikkie Day party at your school or Kindy then why not use some of the ideas below to make it extra fun and raise even more money:

  • Bake some delicious bikkies and take them into school to sell to staff and students. If lots of you are baking then you’ll raise even more money for Blind Foundation guide dogs,
  • Run class or year-group competitions to see who can bake the best bikkies, who’s the most creative baker, and who can raise the most money. Make sure there are prizes available for the winning team.
  • Organise a dog/puppy-themed dress-down day and ask everyone to make a donation to wear their ‘canine clothes’. Award prizes for the best outfits.
  • Hold a school-wide bake sale. Every class can get involved and buy home-baked Bikkies from each other… delicious!
  • Host a smaller bake sale with your class and see what ideas you can come up with to raise more money than the other classes.
  • Are there any companies or community groups near your school that would pay for you to bake and delivers some delicious bikkies.