Bikkie Day at work

If you’re planning a Bikkie Day party for your office then why not use some of the ideas below to help you raise even more money:

  • Bake some delicious bikkies and take them into your office. Ask for donations in exchange for the tasty treats.
  • Organise a fundraising competition with rival offices or departments. Whoever can raise the most money for Blind Foundation guide dogs will be crowned the Bikkie Day champion.
  • Organise an inter-office baking competition that everybody makes a donation to attend. Have separate awards categories for: most bikkies / best decorated bikkie / tastiest bikkie / most interesting flavour etc.
  • Create an online fundraising page for your office to collect donations. That means that people don’t have to remember to bring cash in on the day and people from other departments can contribute. You’ll probably find that people are more generous with an online donation.
  • Ask your company if they’ll support your fundraising efforts. Many businesses are keen to support charity initiatives and will be happy to make a contribution or match-fund the money you raise. They may even offer you a prize to auction or raffle-off to help you raise more money.