The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind Board and its Leadership Team are about to begin consulting on its next annual Business Plan which will come into effect 1 July 2021.

Your opinions, thoughts, comments and feedback are going to be important in this process.  All stakeholders in our wide-ranging network which includes clients, members, families, whānau, volunteers, donors and supporters, employees, blind consumer organisations, referrers, contractors, service organisations, are involved with us in one way or another and, therefore, have valuable perspectives to offer.

As a result, we are giving you advance notice as to how the programme will be executed, in the hope that you’ll assist us by providing your thoughts when it comes time for you to comment in the period between mid-January and the end of February.

The programme plan for consultation and approval of the Business Plan is as follows:

  • Mid-December 2020 – Notify all stakeholders of the Business Planning timetable
  • Mid-January through to 18 February 2021 – Consultation and a variety of ways and means to provide feedback completed.
  • Early March – Summary of key points from consultation and feedback to be circulated to the consumers and those who have participated.
  • Late April 2021 – Draft FY22 Business Plan is completed
  • Late April 2021 – Draft FY22 Budget is completed
  • 30 April 2021 – All draft documents to RNZFB Board Meeting for review and discussion

The consultation process will include a multi-channel approach designed to reach as many stakeholders and receive input through different points of interaction including telephone surveys, conference town halls, use of the national contact centre, written submissions and via our website.  We will aim to use our existing network and regional service model to engage with as many as we can, which will be complemented with technology to capture and collate data in a single consistent format for efficient reporting.

In the spring of this year we completed five Let’s Talk sessions throughout the country of which the key emerging themes that will need to be considered in the FY22 Business Plan include the following:

  • heightened emphasis on communications – both internal and external and includes the existing member base.
  • raising public awareness of BLVNZ.
  • increasing public education and knowledge of eye health.
  • advocacy including accessibility, inclusion, equality and increased funding of rehabilitation services from government

As a starting point we encourage you to have a review of Our Vision, Your Future Strategic Plan 2020–2024 and the Fiscal Year 21 Business Plan which will provide some good insight.  The links to both documents are provided as follows:  The Strategic Plan, 2020-2024 and Blind Low Vision NZ Plans.  These documents are also available in all formats, including braille, on request.

In closing we wish you the very best for the upcoming holiday season and in 2021.  As noted we will be back to you in the new year with more detail.


Judy Small and John Mulka
Chair, RNZFB Board and Chief Executive