It is often hard to notice subtle changes in your eye health, the advice given here will help you feel confident about spotting the signs for possible sight loss.

A person may have an undiagnosed sight condition if they present any of the following characteristics:

  1. Difficulty with reading or participating in hobbies.
  2. Problems with distance tasks such as seeing people, street signs or bus numbers.
  3. Difficulty driving at night.
  4. Increase in knocks to the body, trips or falls.
  5. Anxious when negotiating, or missing steps, kerbs or stairs.
  6. Difficulties in navigating in unfamiliar places.
  7. Adopting unusual head positioning or holding things up close to their eyes.
  8. Persistently cleaning glasses or difficulty seeing well with them.
  9. Hesitancy in sunlight, bright light, or low light.
  10. Physical changes in the appearance of the eye such as redness, swelling or discharge.

It is recommended that most people should have eye tests every two years unless advised otherwise by an optometrist. For more information from a New Zealand agency, visit the Ministry of Health website.

Note: Image sourced from RNIB.