Record keeping is being encouraged everywhere. However, record keeping will soon be mandatory in some businesses and locations, for everyone aged 12 and over. Places where it will be mandatory to ensure records are kept will include caf├ęs, restaurants, bars, aged care, healthcare facilities (excluding patients), barbers, exercise facilities, libraries, and social services providers with customer service counters.

The biggest challenge facing our community with the mandatory QR check-ins is that it is very difficult for a person who is blind, deafblind or has low vision to locate where the sign with the QR code is located from site to site. Our advice to businesses is to make sure that they follow the Ministry of Health guidance and display the QR code poster in a prominent place at or near the main entrance with a clear pathway to access. Blind Low Vision NZ also sell a selection of small, tactile bump stickers, which we recommend to be positioned around the edges of the QR code to aid our community when scanning so they can position the camera accordingly and check in.

More information about mandatory record keeping will come as we learn how this will impact the disability community. We expect further advice from government ideally in the very near future. We are concerned with regards to this requirement in terms of the lack of consistency regarding location of the QR codes to scan and the other methods available to record information, leading to the potential barriers it creates for our community.

In the meantime, we have created a number of resources for our community to aid with the COVID tracer app.

NZ COVID Tracer Androids Low Vision

NZ COVID Tracer Androids Low Vision large print

NZ COVID Tracer iOS Low Vision

NZ COVID Tracer iOS Low Vision Large Print

Download and Setup of NZ COVID Tracer App

Download and Setup of NZ Covid Tracer App Large Print