A precedent was set last week as NZ battled the UK’s Blind Lions in the first ever international Blind Rugby test series.

Supporters from all around came to witness the three games and to cheer on our boys in black. The game kicked off in typical NZ fashion with a well performed Kapo E Au haka.

Image shows the New Zealand Blind Rugby team performing the 'Kapo e Au' haka.
The New Zealand Blind Rugby team performing the ‘Kapo e Au’ haka ahead of the first test match against the Blind Lions.

Dan Shepherd, the head of Blindsport NZ and blind rugby prop, made it clear that the team was going to put up a fight, and had a responsibility to do the black jersey proud.

It was a tough game for the newly formed NZ team, the Blind Lions being experienced players. With help from the boys, Deacan Dunn pushed through and scored New Zealand’s first international test try which was then converted by his brother Marquele McCaskill.

The NZ team played hard, but the test victory went to the visiting team.

The final scores were:

Game one: 35-0 to the Lions.

Game two: 17-7 to the Lions.

Game three: 28-5 to the Lions.

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