The second episode of the Blind Foundation podcast ‘Perspectives’ is now available. This episode is all about planning for Christmas. Hear about some great Christmas present ideas, top holiday reads and Christmas cooking.

The podcast features:

  • Julie Woods ‘That Blind Woman’ chatting about Christmas cooking and when things go wrong. She also shares her recipe for tantalising Christmas pudding truffles.
  • Nicola Atkin, Equipment Solutions Sales Administrator, shares some great ideas for Christmas presents this year such as talking clock.
  • Geraldine Lewis, Library Manager, discusses her top three holiday reads to enjoy over the Christmas period.
  • Karen Plimmer, Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator, talks about a Christmas shopping opportunity for clients.
  • To finish the podcast there is a quick fire fun Q&A with Ellen Boucher and podcast hosts Chantelle Griffiths and Mike Lloyd.

Perspectives aims to connect those who are blind or have low vision, along with their supporters, across the country. You can read more about the podcast here.

The podcast has had over 220 listeners so far and has received positive feedback and five star ratings. One five star review said: “The presenters’ approach was just right. Informative, cheerful and engaging.” Another review said: “I love it! I’ve just listened to the Christmas episode and you had me laughing out loud… the content is really interesting.”

You can access the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and BookLink (in the Audio Magazines section). If you enjoy the podcast, please give it a short review and rating in iTunes. Positive reviews and ratings help bump up visibility and get the podcast (and the Blind Foundation) in front of more people.

If you know of any Blind Foundation clients with a story to share, let them know about Perspectives, and how they can be involved.

The podcast also aims to empower clients by providing information about Blind Foundation services and equipment. To get in touch with the Podcast team email