Please Take a Minute to Sign and Help Strengthen the New Accessibility Law!

Blind Low Vision NZ is 100% behind new accessibility legislation currently before Parliament.

But it’s not quite strong enough – it needs to include standards, a regulator, a barrier notification system and a dispute resolution process to remove access barriers. There’s a petition underway to make these changes.

Please take a minute to sign if you can – one small step for you, one giant leap for accessibility!

Too many people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision continue to battle barriers everyday. Sign the petition to ask the House of Representatives to strengthen the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill that is presently before Parliament.

Accessibility means all people can access the physical environment, transportation, and facilities and services open or provided to the public. Accessibility also applies to products, services, information and communications, including technology and systems.

Many of the MPs who spoke at the first reading of the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill stated that it doesn’t go far enough. They urged people to have their say on how the bill could be toughened.

Things need to change, and fast. We need to send a loud message in order to avoid yet another committee appointing another committee, and consultants consulting more consultants. We need to act NOW to shape an accessible future for all Kiwis.

We need thousands of signatures to make a difference – including yours.

Thanks so much for your help!

Ngā mihi nui
John Mulka
Chief Executive
Blind Low Vision NZ