Stuck on gifts this Christmas? Never fear, our Equipment Solutions Team has got you covered. Check out their top gift suggestions for 2016.

 1. Aftershokz SPORTS M3 wired bone conduction headphones       

1. Aftershokz SPORTS M3 Wired Bone Conduction Headphones
Product code: TR0165

Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring your ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds. The headphones sit comfortably in front of the ear, keeping your ears open, while delivering stereophonic sound through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear. A multi-functional button also allows you to control your music as well.

These headphones come with a microphone which gives fantastic clear sounding quality and great communication even in crowded and noisy environments.

Client price: $64
Public price: $86

2. Talking calendar clock

Talking calendar clock
Product code: CT2040

This attractive and simple to use talking calendar clock not only talks the time but also the date with the press of a button.

Client price: $84
Public price: $112

3. Soccer ball with bells

Photo of soccer ball with bells
Product code: RC0010

Get out in the sun this summer and kick the ball around. This size 5 soccer ball comes with double bells inside.

Client price: $39
Public price: $57

4. Chess and checker set

Photo of chess and checker set
Product code: RC0132

Wooden chess pieces are distinguished from each other by touch. The white tiles are recessed and the black pieces have a small metal spike for easy identification. Also comes with tactile checker pieces.

Client price: $95
Public price: $126

5. Large print address book

Large print address book

Product code: DL6099

Sturdy and attractive, with large print alphabet tabs for ease in finding names. Each page is designed for three entries with ample space for writing in addresses and phone numbers in large, bold letters. The front and back covers have inside pockets to hold old envelopes, stamps, etc.

Client price: $36
Public price: $40

6. Spot n line pen (Option of orange, black and/or white)

spot-n-line-pen-orange, black and white

Product codes: DL0109 (Black) DL0110 (White) DL0111 (Orange)

With the ease of a pen create 3-dimensional tactile markings. This is useful for drawing raised lines, dots and shapes either for children’s arts and crafts or as a way of distinguishing buttons on remotes etc. This product is very tactile after it dries, looks like plastic and is non-toxic.

Client price: $8
Public price: $8

7. Unisex low vision watch, white face with 12 black numbers

7. Unisex low vision watch, white face with 12 black numbers
Product code: WL6001

This unisex low vision watch with a white face has easy to read large print black numbers. It is fitted with a chrome/gold expansion band.

Client price: $61
Public price: $81

8. Unisex low vision watch, black face, 12 white numbers
8. Unisex low vision watch, black face, 12 white numbers

Product code: WL6002

This unisex low vision watch has a black face with easy to read large print white numbers.

Client price: $61
Public price: $81

9. Large chrome tactile watch, black leather strap

Large chrome tactile watch, black leather strap
Product code: WB3030

This large chrome tactile watch is fitted with a leather strap. The lid comes open at the 6 o’clock position and a tactile mark indicates 12 o’clock, two dots indicate 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and one dot the hours in-between.

Client price: $55
Public price: $110

10. Braille and low vision scrabble

10. Braille and low vision scrabble
Product code: RC0137

Each of the letter tiles has braille, as well as clear print labelling. The playing board has tactile dots on the premium letter squares and tactile dashes on the premium word squares. The clever tile-lock design means that the letter tiles sit snugly on the board, even when rotating on to the next player using the built-in stand.

Client price: $98
Public price: $169