Total Mobility Scheme (TM scheme)

The TM scheme is a national scheme that assists people with impairments to enhance their community participation by accessing appropriate transport.

This assistance is provided to eligible registered individuals in the form of subsidised door-to-door transport services wherever Total Mobility (TM) transport providers (usually taxis) operate.

The Total Mobility Card (TM photo ID card) can be used in Christchurch and Wellington, but each area has a different process (manual process in Christchurch and Wellington). Aucklanders using their cards in these locations need to inform the driver at the start of journey (not the end). Aucklanders travelling in other cities or locations of NZ can get vouchers from AT.

To check your eligibility for the TM scheme, to register, and for more information please visit the AT website.

SuperGold update

Public transport concession is switching to AT HOP.

If you use a SuperGold card to travel free on buses, trains and ferries there will be a change on the cards from 1 July 2016.

You will need an AT HOP card, loaded with a SuperGold public transport concession, to continue to travel free during off-peak periods – that’s after 9am weekdays, all day  weekends and on public holidays.

If you are eligible for both an Accessible concession under the Total Mobility Scheme and a SuperGold concession, you’ll need to choose which one you want to load onto your AT HOP card.

This will depend if you usually travel off-peak, or if you need to be able to travel on public transport at any time of the day. If you want to keep using your Accessible concession you won’t have to do anything, just keep using your Total Mobility Card and AT HOP card loaded with your Accessible concession as you do now.

Terms of use and registered prospectus for the AT HOP cards are available on the AT website.