Our equipment team are delighted to be stocking a new collection of Swiss-made low vision watches.

These low vision watches are manufactured in Switzerland by Auguste Reymond and assembled by hand in their premises in Tramelan. In 1950 Auguste Reymond engineers developed two new lines of products that ensured the fame of the brand: one of which was the “braille” watches for the blind. Today Auguste Reymond SA is still the unchallenged specialist for tactile “braille” watches and low vision watches, which are distributed under the old brand name ARSA.

We now sell two new styles of the ARSA low vision watches, the Jumbo sized watch is an over-sized wrist-watch with a 40 mm face and a perfectly clear dial made with mat black aluminum which has set a trend that today is not only followed by visually impaired people. The unisex sized watch is made with stainless steel and has a simple, strong, clear design which offers the best possible reading on a smart looking wrist-watch.

Both watches come in two different options; a black face with white numbers and hands and a white face with black numbers and hands. All watches have 12 numbers and two block hands, forgoing the seconds hand gives them a more streamlined design which is easier to read. The watches also come with a high quality leather strap.

To find out more and to order one, please visit the Blind Foundation online shop.