The University of Auckland School of Optometry and Vision Science held a low vision day for their fifth year students last month.

The day was all about increasing knowledge and awareness on the challenges that people with low vision have to overcome. Blind Foundation client, Michael Lloyd captivated the students by sharing his experiences with vision loss as he was growing up.

Speakers from various fields also came along to share their knowledge on low vision. They taught the students ways to improve their communication when interacting with people who have low vision, and the range of services available.

Getting hands-on experience was another part of the day. The group joined an adaptive technology workshop where they learnt how devices are made accessible for people with low vision. They were also put to the test when they had a go at sighted guiding. In pairs, they guided each other up and down the stairs to sit in a chair.

Rounding off the day, a group of volunteers with low vision kindly gave up their time to participate in vision checks run by the students themselves.

The School of Optometry and Vision Science would like to thank all the wonderful people that were involved in the low vision day.

Many thanks to the Blind Foundation staff who worked hard to ensure the day was a success, including CFSW /Counsellor, Katy Webber, and the Adaptive Communications and Adaptive Technology Service (ACATS) and Orientation and Mobility teams.

Another low vision day at the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Grafton Campus is being held in March 2017. The university will be seeking volunteers with low vision to participate for two hours with breaks and afternoon tea included.

If you are interested in volunteering please email Michelle O’Hanlon or phone Michelle on 09 923 6592.