A new phone service is making horse racing results more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

Thanks to the efforts of Blind Foundation member and racing enthusiast Robert Codre, the New Zealand Racing Board now provides the service which allows people to hear race results and scratchings read aloud.

Robert, who describes himself as “a horsey person”, says people who are blind or have low vision were at a disadvantage when watching horse racing on television because the results would be shown on screen, but not read out loud.

“It puts you at a disadvantage because you have to wait until you hear them on the radio. After the race, the results would come up and they [the presenters] would just say, ‘The results are up on the screen’. How are we supposed to know? That really got to me.”

He successfully took the racing board to the Human Rights Commission and the new phone service is the outcome.

“It’s the best way around it.”

Robert has tried the service and says he’s happy with the result.

To access the results, phone 0800 10 20 33.