Have a listen to the catchy tune written by Renee Patete for the Braille Authority of New Zealand Aotearoa Trust (play button is on the left):

We love Renee Patete’s jingle that she wrote to promote braille.

Titled Kiwis who Read Shall Lead, it puts to bed the myth that braille will be overtaken by technology as reading braille nurtures literacy skills which are irreplaceable.

Renee has been totally blind from a young age and has grown up with braille.

“Braille is an integral part of my everyday life. Without it I would not have completed my education with such success, learnt two foreign languages and music, or read so many wonderful stories.

“Even in the most mundane tasks of my daily life I use braille, notably when I use my braille display to read and write text on my phone. I am also a frequent user of braille rather than audio labelling and am happy to teach braille to anyone willing to learn. My life would not be the same without this simple six-dot system.”

She says it a common misconception that braille is dying out with the rise of technology.

“As I wrote in the jingle, ‘us Kiwis know that it goes on living, braille is a gift that just keeps on giving.’ During my lifetime I intend to share this gift with anyone willing to receive it, whether through teaching the code or simply spreading awareness of its vitality and importance.”

Are you interested in learning braille? Give us a call on 0800 24 33 33 or email info@blindfoundation.org.nz