Do you have a trip coming up? We’ve gathered some top tips for packing your bags if you are blind or have low vision.

We say:

Carina Duke, Blind & Low Vision NZ Orientation and Mobility Practice Advisor, and Miriam Stettner, Rehabilitation Instructor, give their top five tips:

  1. Choose a bag you can recognise or mark it to identify it amongst others. Bright large stickers, distinctive labels or tactile elements could help you identify your belongings at baggage claim.
  2. Avoid bags with highly patterned linings.
  3. Organise items by type and place into separate zip lock bags.
  4. If carrying similar sized bottles, such as shampoo and conditioner, label them before you leave home. Carrying elastic bands with you could help you identify items at your accommodation.
  5. Carry a spare white cane in your stored luggage

You say:

We asked for your tips on our Facebook page. Here’s a selection:

  1. Use cloth bags to divide things up – you get pro at finding what you need quickly that way I reckon. – Aine Kelly-Costello.
  2. Choose a suitcase that will keep your items secure rather than running around loose inside, then decide where each group of items go and ALWAYS pack them in the same place – Barbara Murphy.
  3. I pick out each outfit that I will wear on vacation then take a large sized zip lock bag and place each outfit in its own bag. I then release any excess air. Not only does this make getting ready easier, it also saves a lot of space. – Scarlet Nishimoto.
  4. Have a small bag for your phone, passport, credit card, air points card, headphones, and charge cable. Makes it way easier on the plane. – Shannon Cleave.
  5. I got small, medium and large laundry bags in different colours and also travel pods. I divide clothes either into types and put the whole outfit in the bag for the day. – Rachael Maxwell.

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