On Louis’s 209th birthday Ron and I went down to Nova and sat outside with a helium happy birthday balloon and my 1 million names in braille banner and began writing names in braille of Nova customers and any passers by!

The first name written is front of house staff Carlie with an ie, along with the kitchen stuff, Brendan, Clay, Andrew, Josh, Kerry. We wrote Mira from Oman, Greg and Trish from Seattle, Ludgerier from Germany who had crashed his rental car 38 seconds after being in New Zealand and was now travelling around with his wife Franceskia in a bus and loving it, Gunn, Leeanne and their teenage son Will from Brisbane. Gunn had gone blind earlier in life and had been misdiagnosed and given anti inflammatorys when all the time he had sarcoidosis and when he was given treatment for that, he got his sight back! It was a miracle!

Along with many Dunedinites, Beverley, Elizabeth, Jamie, Kate, John, Karl, Steve, my old University mate Paul and five year old Arlo who was about to go to the Star Wars movie at Reddings Theatre.

At the chime of 11 am Ian Louchran, poet and radio host originally from Liverpool came along with five year old daughter Elouise. Ian asked us how we enjoyed Paul McArtney saying his wife had gone to see him too. “I wrote Paul’s name in braille for him but I didn’t get the chance to give it to him” I continued. “I have it in my money belt now” and promptly pulled it out, showing  it to Ian.

“I did a fund raiser recently for his nephew who went blind and after a bout of depression committed suicide. And the family have set up a trust to provide counselling services for people who are going blind.”

“Does that mean you  know how to post things to Paul McArtney” I ask Ian. “Yep, would you like me to post it to him?”

Wow, who said Paul McArtney and I had nothing in common!

Thanks again to Louis Braille for helping me make connections!